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5 Secrets to Intermittent Fasting Everyone Should Know

5 Secrets to Intermittent Fasting Everyone Should Know

Intermittent fasting is quite a popular subject and rightly so as it gets amazing results for people in their health. It’s been something that has been done for decades now and honestly, I can remember when I first started fasting. Back in the early 90’s fasting was only what weird health freaks would do. Very few people would understand, let alone want to participate in, fasting. Now, we’ve done the research, finalized hundreds if not thousands of trials and the conclusion is unanimous… Intermittent Fasting Works!

Here are 5 of my top Secrets I think everyone should consider prior to Intermittent Fasting:

  1. Prepare prior to your fast. Preparation is a great idea and could be as simple as replacing meals with shakes which will reduce your caloric intake and increase your nutrient intake just prior to the days that you plan on fasting for. This gets your system ready and reduces most physical and mental discomfort that might come along with fasting.

  2. Use supplements to enhance your fasting days. Instead of just doing plain water fasts you can use specially formulated supplements which could dramatically improve your results during a fast. The supplements work like computer code being entered into a computer. You put the code in and the code tells the computer what to do and supports it to do the job its told to do. Supplements work similarly as they tell your body what to do and provide the necessary tools to carry out the work all to enhance and multiply what your body is already designed to do! I prefer “Cleanse For Life” as my go to cleansing supplement along with a few other complimentary supplements you can get 2 to 3 times better results using them instead of just water alone.

  3. More may not be better. First do single day cleanses then move into two day cleanses. Generally anything longer than 2 or 3 days should only be done if your following a specific program or are being coached by a health professional. A single cleanse or fasting day is quite powerful and when you do a second in a row you’ll experience 80% more fat burning on day 2.

  4. Drink more water on fasting days. Water works as a vehicle to transport nutrients through your body and assists in elimination. Generally, between 2 and 3 liters a day and even slightly more if you are sweating or exercising or using your body more than on average.

  5. Make your fasting days more like rest days. Keeping your exercise to a minimum and not overdoing it can assist you to cleanse better. Your body can only do one thing at a time so, you’re either exercising or your cleansing… Decide what you are doing and do just that… Focus

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