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E M P O W E R   "Mind-Body-Spirit" 


 Integrative Nutrition Health and Fitness Coaching

6 Month Health Optimization Program 

 One-on-One and/or Online Coaching Available.

Why 6 months?

Studies have shown that a six month health and fitness program is ideal for a true nutritional and lifestyle change, where individuals can practice, maintain and sustain those healthy habits for the rest of their lives.


These programs were designed to help you achieve optimal health and happiness. These are not a cookie-cutter program, we are all different and complex. What works for one person will always vary from the next.


You will learn the fundamentals of proper nutrition and optimal health with the Integrative Nutritional aspects of each individual and how to maintain your “Mind-Body-Spirit" aligned 

Prevent and fight chronic diseases by practicing simple nutritional daily habits.

Heal and revitalized your body from the inside out.

Prevent injuries and strengthen your body.

Empower your mind and reconnect with your Spirit. 

All, through my MIND~BODY~SPIRIT approach, the three core components for a vibrant, healthy and happier lifestyle.


You will receive ​

  • 2 Week initial Detox program with approve and non-approve foods with high quality recommended supplements. ($720 worth) 

  • Initial and monthly follow up assessments to track your progress with our InBody Technology. It is the next evolution in BIA and body composition analysis. This innovative approach provides our clients accurate and precise direct measurements of the entire body with the speed and ease of traditional BIA. "What gets measured, gets improved!"

  • Learn how to eat and prepare meals according to your goals.

  • 1-2 workouts a week consist of a total-body strength, conditioning and injury prevention. 

  • 7 days a week email/text support and accountability.

  • Monthly nature outings. Hiking through the beautiful Hudson Valley and Catskills region. Group bicycle rides, walks and outdoor fitness classes

  • Learn about healthier food choices while you get a pantry makeover.

  • Reduced cost to any of our Riviera Maya and Upstate New York Wellness Retreats.

To help you: 

  • Acquire NEW healthy habits to empower you through setbacks.

  • Tackle down old habits and unconscious negative pattern behavior.

  • Learn how to create positive and fulfilling experiences on your daily life.

  • Lose body fat and gain lean muscle gradually.

  • Maintain your gains for years to come.

  • Become healthier and happier.


You are required:

  • Commit to yourself

  • Follow the approve and non-approve meal list.

  • Be consistent

  • Make yourself a priority by focusing on your WHY

  • Be ready to come out of your comfort zone. Mentally and Physically.

  • Be willing to invest in yourself. Time and #LOVE 

For information on pricing options, please feel free to contact me to set up a brief discovery call, and to receive an access code.

I would like to learn about you, your needs, health and fitness goals as much as I'd like you to learn about me and my mind-body-spirit programs.

Learn about my special discount program for Military, Police and First Responders.






E M P O W E R   F I T N E S S   


This program is for anyone looking to get lean, toned, and fit while finding extra accountability with a partner or friends.


These 30 minute, ultra efficient, challenging and results-driven sessions are designed to burn calories and build muscle using light to moderate weights, powerful drills, HIIT and functional movements.

It’s perfect for all fitness levels and can be modified, so everyone can participate.

5 - 30 minutes 

Partner or Small Group (4 ppl max) Session Pack

$149 per person - Expires 45 days after purchase

10 - 30 minutes 

Partner or Small Group (4 ppl max) Session Pack

$249 per person - Expires 90 days after purchase









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