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It is never too late to transform yourself into the person you know you can be.

Most of my health and group fitness programs start every month and are ideal for those clients that enjoy the

comradery feeling that only a small group class offers.

Regardless of your fitness level or goals, my programs can help you become the best version of yourself 

through my MIND ~ BODY ~ SPIRIT approach.

These programs are carefully designed to guide you through simple daily habits to revitalize your body, empower your mind and achieve an entire new level of wellbeing.

Your health and happiness is an investment.

Make YOU a priority by focusing on your WHY, choose YOU!

 There is a program for everyone!

"InBody Body Composition Analyzer"

Get your Fitness Assessment to learn what is your starting point and what are the best methods of training and most appropriate diet for your very unique fitness and health goals.

Track your progress and remain motivated knowing your hard work is paying off and if you are not improving, we cant recommend several options to get you to YOUR next level!

6 and 12 packs monthly assessments.



"14 day Jump-Start Challenge"

A program designed to guide you on the right fitness path that is suitable to your needs and fitness level.

"8 week POST-RETREAT Fat Furnace Challenge"

Why not continue making yourself a priority and reinforced your efforts after your Fitness Retreat?

This program will do just that! 

Maintain yourself motivated for 8 more weeks with the same coach and at the same intensity.

Raise the bar, continue reaching your goals, gaining strength and stamina, while learning how to deal with the day to day home and work challenges without losing focus and motivation.

"Weight-loss with Nutritional Guidance and Detox Program"

A special nutritional program for those fitness clients who desire to lose body fat, increase muscle mass and most importantly to improve their eating habits and over all health.

(Home visits are available to asses your current diet patterns and habits)

"12 week rehabilitation and strengthening Program"

A Corrective exercise Program ideal to help you put an end to your ailments and past injuries.

It all starts with an initial assessment 

(This program is backed up by a team of professionals in the Chiropractive and Physical Therapy industry)



"Fitness for the Bride-to-Be"






This program is for the bride to be, the groom, the bridesmaids, wedding party and mother/father of the bride. Anyone looking to drop a dress or pants size for a wedding (Doesn’t have to be your wedding)! Whether you’re looking to slim down to fit into that ideal dress or looking to impress your plus-one, this program is perfect for all of your health and fitness needs.

Programs are available

The Cinderella:

This program is designed specifically for the Bride-To-Be, whether its tightening up around the waist to fit that dress or shaping up to slay on your special day this program is for you!


The Romeo & Juliet:

This program is designed specifically for the Bride and Groom. What better way to bring two people together then working to become the best they can be as a team!


Bridal Boot Camp:

Are you looking for your whole wedding to be in shape? This program is designed for large group training sessions for the Bridesmaids and Bride-To-Be.

If four or more Bridesmaids sign up the Bride’s sessions are FREE!





Let's take it outdoors!

This program provides the variety our body needs after beign in an office setting for long hours, to see results by combining fun cardio routines, with outdoor programs with specific muscle conditioning that will be tailored to the class's needs from week to week. This is a great time to enjoy the music, get some fresh air and feel the burn!


Feedback demonstrates that group training clients appreciate the flexibility and the versatility of the outdoor-hiking programs compared to other corporate fitness programs.


Corporations value a service for their employees who acts as a steward of their health and well-being.

Once we reach the mountain top, we will settle into a guided mediation and yoga session,

followed by a well deserved "farm to table" lunch.

Our Hiking programs are done on a weekly and monthly basis from April to October. 

Winter programs run from October to mid December and mid February to April.





 Fitness Assessment with InBody Body Composition Analysis.

Single, 6 and 12 packs


 Fitness Coaching

   1 hour 5 Pack

   (A 1 hour - At least once at week)  


 Fitness Coaching

 1 hr 10 Pack

   (A 1 hour - 2 times a week)

 Fitness Coaching 

 45 Min. 30 Pack 

(A 10 week program we meet 3x per week)

 "EMPOWER" Fitness & Nutritional Coaching

  The most popular

30 Minutes - 50 Pack**

 (A 12 week program we meet 4x per week)

**Includes a FREE 2 week DETOX program and FIRST InBody Body Composition Analysis.

(A Value of $590)

+ Nutritional guidance with the approve & non-approve meals, Accountability & Support.

The EMPOWER Partner or Small Group Fitness class is for anyone looking to get lean, toned, and fit. 

These motivating, challenging and results-driven workouts are designed to burn calories and build muscle using light to moderate weights, powerful drills, HIIT and functional movements.

It’s perfect for all fitness levels and can be modified, so everyone can participate.

~SAVE MONEY and have a blast with the Partner and Small Group Sessions available~









 I look forward to be a part of your transformational journey to a healthier, happier,

more vibrant fabulous you.

Thank you for your interest in becoming the best version of yourself!


Your partner in health,

RTS Fitness and Wellness Coaching
Rita Sabido 


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