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Why choose a fitness retreat for weight loss?

Life is so busy and it is easy to lose track of looking after yourself because of work and family commitments, lack of motivation or even lack of knowledge. Bad habits can creep into your daily routine and effect the way you look and feel and sometimes it can be overwhelming to make the necessary changes to reverse this. This is particularly true when you have gained weight and today never feels quite the right time to start making changes.

~Putting yourself in the hands of experts

Fitness retreats are run by a team of trainers, nutritional chefs, yoga teachers, motivational speakers and other wellness professionals with many years of experience in their field of expertise.

My programs have been designed for your wellbeing in mind, to begin healthy changes from the "inside-out"

My team and I will work with you to help you set and reach your personal goals, by forming healthy habits that will help you stay in the path of wellness.

Some of my all-inclusive programs puts you in a controlled environment where you wont have the temptations of normal life around you, to give you the best possible chance of success.

~Support and Motivation

Let’s face it, making lifestyle changes is not always easy, so there may be times when you will need external support and motivation to help you make the right choices or to pick you up emotionally. Even getting to the end of your workout may feel hard some days. The professional team is with you all the way to gently support and guide you, plus they will provide you with the tools to enable you to support yourself and want to make the right choices. The camaraderie and team spirit that you will also get from your fellow guests is invaluable support too.

~Educational and Habit Changing

In my FIT MIND-BODY-SPIRIT Program, we include sessions that help guests discover more about what triggers their lifestyle choices and then provide strategies to help build new habits. With food, for example, there can be many reasons to eat that aren’t anything to do with hunger, such as emotional eating. Guests will identify their emotional triggers and then be taught simple strategies to use when they return home to help keep them on track, for example, rewarding themselves with enjoyable experiences rather than food or alcohol. In some of our retreats we also offer healthy cooking lessons, so that the delicious food enjoyed during your stay, can be made when home. Portion control and meal composition are other important areas covered within these sessions.

You arrive home feeling amazing

Fitness retreats are generally located in gorgeous parts of the world, in luxurious surroundings with lots of pampering and evening entertainment included, with gorgeous beach fronts and endless activities. We are able to offer multiple options and destinations, one of our most popular destination is safe heaven in the gorgeous Riviera Maya, Mexico that will allow you to "get back to basics" (also the name of this program) DETOX your mind, body and spirit, by completely disconnecting from the world, truly submerging in a life changing program and having and experience unlike any other.

The week gives you the opportunity to focus on you and helps you re-boot and re-energize.

Having lost weight and shown yourself that you can overcome obstacles, you leave feeling strong, motivated and looking your best. You will have had lots of fun along the way, whilst every day feeling and looking better. You come home feeling truly rested and relaxed and will have created new healthier lifestyle habits that will serve you well for the rest of your life.

Don’t underestimate the transformational experience that a fitness retreat can give you!

Our NEW Fitness Retreats will take St Augustine, Florida in a peaceful and spacious private house, Cozumel, Mexico Resort and of course the Beautiful Catskills & Adirondacks Regions, where we will have cabin and bungalow rentals as well as tent camping for those true hard core nature lovers.

Surround yourself with gorgeous views of these amazing mountains and peaceful atmosphere.

You will enjoy many of our activities. Daily workouts and recovery sessions, Meditation, Hiking, Kayaking, Massage Therapy, Yoga and Horseback riding (In advance request needed)

Choose you!

Your Partner in Health, Rita Sabido

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