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Got Strength?

Muscular strength is a key driver of speed, power and athletic performance, this is why elite athletes regularly perform workouts with the goal to improve their strength. Such workouts improve muscle size, mass, strength and power, while also helping to prevent injury. Strength training exercises typically involve pushing, pulling or lifting external weight in the form of barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and med balls. Bodyweight and resistance band exercises are also effective. In my Strength Training programs, I generally advice to target the muscles of the lower body, upper body and core. Strong is the new Sexy!

I always recommend the wiring combo, strength training and proper nutrition.

A fitness program that will include a mix of heavy lifting and lighter, high-rep exercises in functional movements (my favorite). That translates to larger muscles. For proper nutrition I recommend some flavor of low-carb eating coupled with high-quality foods that are minimally or not at all processed. Emphasizing on food quality, food that comes from the earth and not a package with an expiration date would be an excellent place to start.


RTS Health and Fitness Coaching is here to inspire, motivate and help others achieve their full potential, regain sense of well-being and confidence with individually tailored functional fitness programs, health and nutritional coaching.

All from the Mind-Body-Spirit connection.

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