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There are two ways of spreading light. 

To be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.

RTS Fitness and Wellness Coaching, home of the

"Reach YOUR Next Level" welcomes you!

Here you will find resources, tools and inspiration to achieve wellness in Mind, Body and Spirit.

 As a Certified High Performance Coach and Wellness Advocate, my mission is to help you transform the quality of your life in order to create an infectious ripple effect that will begin to positively impact the quality of your life, family, community and our global wellness.

I pride myself in offering a wide array of services and for my commitment to continuously provide educational coaching programs that can restore and support your mental, physical and spiritual growth

My results-driven programs are designed to guide you through your own unique path with simple daily habits to fight and prevent disease, revitalized and strengthen your body, empower your mind and achieve an entire new level of wellbeing.

Reach YOUR next level!

Your partner in health, Rita Sabido

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach IIN

Certified Personal Trainer - CES 

Certified Wellness Behavioral Coach IAWP

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